martedì 16 ottobre 2012

Alleanza Europea dei Movimenti Nazionali a Vienna.

VIENNA 19 Ottobre 2012 – 1°st AEMN Congress.
VIENNA 19 Ottobre 2012 Luca Romagnoli sarà presente al Programma of the 1st AEMN Congress. Alliance Européenne des Mouvements Nationaux 2 rue de Boofzheim 67150 MATZENHEIM (France). Dear friends, in attach you can find once more the Program of the 1st Congress in Hungary of our AEMN party. The event will take place in Hedervar, see: Please take note that the invitation is strictly addressed to you. For who haven’t replay yet, please let me know about your participation, arriving date, airport, time, etc. in order to organize the event with our Hungarian team . Best regards. Valerio Cignetti – Secretary General Pubblicato il 16 ottobre 2012

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